10 Awesome Christmas Jumpers


Welcome to my first post. Since I am starting my blog around Christmas I have made an executive decision to do a Christmas series.So for the week leading up to Christmas there will be a post every single day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and finally Friday(Christmas day yippee). My main goal with this blog was to start it in 2016 but I am so inspired at the moment with these posts I couldn’t wait till next Christmas so here goes.

Today we are talking about Christmas jumpers. Not an essential but something fun to wear. I myself only own one Christmas jumper but I have searched the internet high and low in search of the funniest, simplest to ugliest Christmas jumpers out there. 5 male and 5 female although I think some of them are unisex but I went off the model who was wearing it.

  1. Black December 25th Slogan Christmas Jumper-New Look- £19.99christmas jumper

SO on the new look website for women they have some cute options this year but this was my fav. I am personally a morning person anyway but I’ll be up extra early on Christmas morning. But for some who are not morning people this would be an amazing jumper to wear when its six in the morning and your overly excited family members are up already.

2. Red This Guy Loves Christmas Jumper -New Look- £19.99

christmas jumpers

Another one from New Look and if you go on the website both of theses jumpers were £10.00 instead of the original price which I included because I am not sure how long they will be on sale.

3. Pom Pom Rudolph Red Christmas Jumper – PrettyLittleThing -£18.00

christmas jumper1

This jumper is simply adorable and very much Team Rudolph. The nose is also 3d which means its soft and squishy!!

4. Goodsouls Festive Fairisle Mens Christmas Jumper – Very – £25.00

christmas jumper 2

So this one is very classic and very classy. If your man likes to look classy and wear shirts all the time this one is great for him. As you can see this one is much more expensive than the others but it will last a long time I hope.

5. Women Penguin Christmas Jumper-Get The Lable – £9.99


This one is simply adorable. Plus it looks quite soft but I’ll let who ever buys it to be the judge of that.

6. Goodsouls Santa Christmas Jumper – Bargin Crazy- £14.99 


I mean who doesn’t want there own Santa clause!

7. Holly Christmas Jumper – George – £14.00


If your called Holly I recommend wearing this. But being serious its simple and if your not a fan of a crazy jumper, this is for you.

8. Novelty Men’s Christmas Jumper Crew neck 3D Advent Calender- Jean Scene -£11.95


This one is just amazing. Wearing an advent calendar I mean come on hours of fun. Sadly only 24 looks to open but I saw someone wearing a Christmas jumper with all the days of advent an the doors actually opened and there were cute little pictures underneath.

9. Reindeer and snowflake Christmas Jumper- Miss Foxy -£7.99


So I couldn’t find an ugly Christmas jumper that beat the one below but this ones cute for the ladies.

10. reindeer head Ugly Christmas jumper – £45.99


So lets just address the glaring reindeer in the room. That reindeer is 3D yes you can pet it is you so wish. I feel like this is the most extreme Christmas jumper to date that I have ever seen. It is really expensive for a jumper but if I saw someone wear that I would be in awe.

And that is all. I had a lot of fun searching the internet for these jumpers and I hope they liven up your Christmas day.


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