10 Things to Cook at Christmas


Its me again. Today it is only four days till CHRISTMAS!! So we all love to bake. Anytime of the year its fun to bake. But at Christmas its even more fun as you have lots of time and more people will be over to eat them. So I searched pinterest and the internet to find some fun simple things to bake and make when with family or friend. Or if your on your own. Its your own choice.

1.Red Velvet Melting Snowman Cookies

baking 1

These look so yummy and absolutely adorably. The recipe calls for a box of devils food cake mix but I think if you want to challenge yourself you could search for a recipe to make red velvet cookies for the base.



2. Sleigh Mix cookies

baking 2

These can be great to tell the kids there eating reindeer food. Or maybe that is mean. Or you could leave them for the reindeer to eat as a good snack in the middle of there long flight. I love how these look and how quick they are to make.


3. Christmas Cornflakes Wreaths. 

baking 3

I saw these and I immediately knew that I wanted to include them in the list. they just look so festive and are such a unique idea. I think these would be a good one to include the whole family as it looks very simple.



4. Super Easy Reindeer Peanut butter Cookies

baking 4


Personally I don’t really like peanut butter but a lot of people do so I wanted to include them. they do look really cute like all the other things but these would look really nice on the table left for people to snack on.


5.Easy Mince Pies


Its kind of a tradition at Christmas that you have mince pies in the house. This is a really simple recipe if you aren’t to good at cooking. I think you have to have a very acquired taste as to weather or not you like to eat them but if you do then try this recipe.


6.  Alaskan Yule Log

If you want to take yobaking 5ur baking to a whole new level and wow your family then try this awesome recipe. It looks very winter palace and magical.



7.Chocolate and Chestnut truffle torte


This is definitely for if you are hosting a fancy dinner party as it is not something you just bake with the kids as it requires more skill and time to be put in to it. But if it comes out well it will be very satisfying.


8. Winter Wonderland Cake

bakeing 4

This cake is very much for those of you who love to bake and are very good at it. (If you can bake this apply for The Great British Bake Off, just saying you can thank me later)It looks so nice and will truly get a big gasp when you bring it out to dinner. Its a piece of art.

9. Fruit Cake Cookies


So we have all heard of Fruit cake being eaten but have you ever heard of a fruit cake cookie. Yeah I thought not. Nor had I. So naturally it was going on the list. This is great because it really isn’t that hard, I mean its a cookie, and it doesn’t take long to make.

10. Spiced Chocolate Stars


These just sound delicious and again very easy. They look beautiful and can be loved by all.



All these recipes can easily be changed to fit your family. I hope this post makes you hungry. I going to go try theses recipes and I’ll see you all tomorrow with another post.



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