2016 New Year Cake – Polymer Clay- DIY

Hi welcome to a new year.

I decided to make a cake out of polymer clay to welcome the new year. I can keep it up in my room so when 2017 rolls around I can make a cake for that year. This DIY is very easy and I am sure that anyone will be able to do it. I would like to apologise for my dirty board I have used it to make many things and it has kind of become a little stained. The cake is red velvet with cream and covered in chocolate fondant with the 2016 piped on

You will need


Brown clay                                                                                                                       Red Clay                                                                                                                       white clay                                                                                                                   Circle cutter                                                                                                               Roller                                                                                                                           Blending tool                                                                                                                     needle tool                                                                                                                 craft knife                                                                                                                       long blade

Step 1 :Roll out the red clay and cut out two circles of the red clay. Use the roller to roll it to around 1-2 cm thick to make it a tall cake. Do the same for the white clay and stack them red, white, red.


Step 2: Roll out the brown clay, it can be quite thin. Use the circle cutter and  cut two brown circles for the top and bottom of the cake. Also cut out a strip to wrap around the cake

Step 3: Use the blending tool to ensure that the icing around the cake is smooth and seamless. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Imperfections are all about learning.

Step 4: Roll out the white clay in to an even tube like thing. Using the knife you can cut out lengths and shape the numbers on to the top of the cake in to the 2016.

Step 5: This  is optional but you can cut a slice of the cake out and use the needle tool to texture the red clay. The red clay is the cake part so do not texture the white icing.

Step 6: Finally bake the cake and glaze if you so wish.


I hope you enjoy reading this and have a go at making it for the new year.


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